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PIA Traveler's Information
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PIA Traveler's Information

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PIA Traveler's Information


1: Passenger cars should reach the airport: At least 2 hours before departure for domestic flights At least 4 hours before departure for international flights because of the intense security measures at airports.

2: The counters are strictly 01HR closed prior to departure.

3: No Wheelchairs questions at check-in counter less than 01 hours and 15 minutes before departure time to be entertained.

4: Only 01 pieces of hand-carry permits weighing 7kgs.

5: No liquids / Gels / Perfumes / Creams in your hand, otherwise, these terms may be seized by security.

6: The free baggage allowance two pieces to be (32 kg each) for Business, Economy Plus and Economy Class on PK sectors only (Note: This facility is not applicable to other airline industry to other carrier baggage allowance two pieces is from the age of 23 KGS. each or maximum allowed by that particular carrier for interline traffic) (For U.S. and Canada).

7: Effective first December 2008, the baggage allowance is two pieces of 28 kg each for business and economy class (for USA and Canada).

8: The tickets to 30 November 2008 shall be issued carry free baggage allowance of two pieces of 32 to KGS to the validity of the ticket (for USA and Canada).

9: for all passengers boarding gates are closed 30 minutes before departure time, failure to report will result in off load your luggage.

10: Passengers only allowed to go to the check-in areas. But passengers who need special help only 01 people allowed to go with them.

11: Please read this information and keep it to avoid any abuse / disturbance / inconvenience.

Information for Passengers Traveling Through Germany

All passengers in transit through Austria and hold the following documents need a Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV):

Travelers to the U.S

* Alien Resident Card (Green Card) issued before 21 April 1998.

* I-551 stamp (in red wet stamp). This stamp is for passengers whose Alien Resident Card is issued under process conditions.

* Refugee passport. However, if doesnot require passenger DATV holds permanent resident card after 21st April 1998 issued.

* Transport letter.

* Letter of payrole.

Passengers European Destinations

Category "C" visa (visit visa)

Passengers to Ireland

Category "C" visa Ireland calls the category "C" visa for the UK instead DATV.

New rules for taking liquids on all domestic flights

Live Animals

Live animals such as dogs, cats, reptiles and exotic birds, if it is properly packed container and accompanied by valid health certificate required entry permits and other documents from the entry-transit, for carriage on PIA flights are only accepted in the luggage hold. The size of the container should not exceed the dimensions 35 "X 23" X 40 "for transport in the hold.

* Lap dogs, cats and pet birds should not be allowed to be carried in the cabin as per PIA policy.

* Charges for excess baggage at the time of check-in by normal excess baggage charges for live animals.

* Pet properly packaged in a container no more than the dimensions of 12 "x 18" x 16 ".

* Bird cage is to be guaranteed by a piece of cloth during the flights.

* Live animals and pets on flights to the UK can just be allowed as cargo (unaccompanied baggage) with the correct entry, health and other necessary documents will be accepted.

* For Saudi Arabia dog / Monkeys and other birds will only be acceptable if prior approval is taken by authorities in Saudi Arabia are. If not, PIA can not accept live animals for Saudi Arabia.

Note: You carried the weight of the animals / animal, although the weight of the container taken, not included in the baggage of the passenger. The passenger must pay the applicable charges for excess baggage.

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Golf equipment for domestic and international flights will be allowed if, in addition to free baggage allowance then be carried out only up to the special charge extra 15kgs 06Kgs. In the case of golf equipment weighing more than 15, then it is a set of 06Kgs kg of weight to 15 kg weight of no more than 15, normal excess baggage rate per kilogram is calculated correctly.

* In quantities will approach the fee for that golf equipment when the normal to the free baggage is 50% of the applicable charges for excess baggage, ie 50% of the unit for free.

* If the golf equipment in checked baggage, is contained, then to apply for free.

* If the passenger carrying the golf equipment on his claim of FBA then no fee can be charged.

* International passengers with tickets issued outside Pakistan and traveling on domestic route is not to take advantage of this option are allowed.

* On international flights the charge is equal to the applicable charge under the applicable law of IATA. This burden assessed if the contributions (a golf pack with a pair of golf shoes) are not eliminated are included in the normal free baggage allowance for the class of service.

* In quantities will approach the fee for that golf equipment when the normal to the free baggage is 50% of the applicable charges for excess baggage, ie 50% of the unit for free.

* If the items are included in the above paragraph in the free baggage allowance, each overweight from such a host of special loads or in the normal baggage charges, each of which is rated less.