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PIA Hajj and Umrah
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PIA Haj and Umrah Operations 2016

PIA, Pakistan's national airline, operates an extensive two-month operation Haj every year to and from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Haj, the holy pilgrimage of Muslims from around the world in the 12 month of the Islamic calendar (Zilhaj) carried out is one of the pillars of Islam. Muslims in good health and economic resources be provided to undertake the pilgrimage, this sacred obligation, at least once in their lifetime. Haj is the largest community of believers in recorded history. Over the last 1400 years, Muslims from around the world in the house of Allah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia to mount.

PIA, Pakistan's leading airline, transported thousands of pilgrims every year from several Pakistani cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with special rates.

Every year for PIA also schedules special flights on the Pakistan-Pakistan Jeddah sector serve pilgrims on their way to Saudi Arabia to perform Umra.

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